Shade from the sun in style with these gorgeous feminine wide brim hats.

Super convenient...
Fits easily into your bag or glove box with roll up feature which fastens with an elastic loop.
Available Colours
  Cream  |  Pink | Light Pink |  Navy  |  Black  |  Lilac
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SCENT MARKETING ~ in your business is easy!

 This short video will tell you everything you need to know about the power of scent:

ENRICH your space
ENHANCE your customers’ experience
INCREASE your sales

Did you know?
The way an area smells can strongly dictate the emotion and mood of a potential buyer the moment they set foot in a store.

Ambient scenting can set any mood in your store: it can create a warm and inviting atmosphere, a sense of luxury and sophistication or an energising and uplifting feel.
You can enrich your space, enhance your customers’ experience and increase your sales with one simple, affordable appliance.

Prolitec are the global leaders in the field of Ambient Scenting.
Using AirQ-series patented technology scent diffusing units, fragrance is vaporised evenly throughout any indoor area, without the use of aerosols, high pressure or heating elements.
All fragrances uses naturally based ingredients, containing no solvents, propellants or harmful substances.  Vapourising ensures fragrance concentrations are hypoallergenic.

A ‘scented’ environment can create a range of atmospheres for your space.  Scenting can energise, uplift, allure and refresh people in the area, creating a more pleasant experience.

Today, leading global retailers recognise the value of enhancing space with ambient scenting as PROLITEC has provided solutions to these well-known brands:


AQ100 Countertop Box

·         scents up to 283m³

·         programmable, adjustable settings

·         glossy black or pearl
·         small: 14×14×14.9cms (so can be discreetly placed on any surface)

AQ500 Wall Mounted Unit
·         scents up to 850m³
·         programmable, adjustable settings

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